Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Sunday, Mar 29th

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Genghis Khan MTB Adventure

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General information & guidelines about the MTB event

After the success of the eight previous Genghis Khan MTB Adventures in Inner Mongolia, Nordic Ways is now preparing for the eighth edition in 2015, which will take place July 3 - July 5, Friday to Sunday. Genghis Khan MTB Adventure is a mountain bike competition in three stages for amateurs and recreational riders. The MTB race will cross the vast grasslands of Xiwuqi, tracing the prints of Genghis Khan. New in 2015 will be a prologue, or an individual time trial race, over approx 5 km on Friday morning. This time trial will stand on its own, however, and will not count for the overall classification.


The venue for Genghis Khan MTB Adventure is Xiwuqi 西乌旗 (Short for Xiwuzhumuqin Qi 西乌珠穆沁旗), a small town about 140 km from Xilinhaote锡林浩特 in the more northern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. See Google Maps.


We recommend that you bring your own MTB, air pump, spare parts and some appropriate tools. Some bike fixing service will be provided, and there is a bikeshop opposite start/finish, but it is recommended to be self-relient, so do bring your own stuff if possible

Think about

The main specialty food in Inner Mongolia is mutton and milk products. There is limited western food, especially for breakfast where there will be some milk, yoghurt and vegetables/fruit, along with Chinese rice and noodles, but take with you some food of your own if you feel it might be hard for you to eat the local food. Instant coffee is available, however.

Don’t forget

  • Helmet
  • Sun block
  • Sun glasses
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Aspirin and other medicine
  • Hygiene articles etc
  • Long-sleeved jacket. Given Xiwuqi's altitude, the temperature can drop significantly (relax: it won't freeze neither)
  • Travel documents
  • Passport/ID (you need these to check in to the Hotel)
  • Flashlight (if you are staying at Menggu Hangcheng Saturday July 6)