Sponsors of the Genghis Khan Festival



Nordic Ways International gives all companies the opportunity to become an event partner with all the promotional benefits and exposure this brings with it. Promote your brand, your products your brands and your values through unique sports events.

Nordic Ways has developed sponsorship packages that give companies the opportunity to partner with all Nordic Ways events - the whole year round - all across China - promoting your brand and getting maximum value out of your budget!

Nordic Ways also has tailor made partnership opportunities for those interested in a particular event. Feel free to contact our dedicated Nordic Ways' sales and marketing staff for for all questions you might have!

Honor Sponsor

Top outdoor brand from France



Top outdoor sports watch brand



Lambda:The official apparel sponsor--focusing on professional sports products and powerful enterprises.


Specialized--America's top bicycle brand


Enervit - Official Energy Supplier. Global sports nutrition brand now also in China

Ranking: one of Asia's leading bike helmet brands

Naqi Skin Care Innovators is a renowned Belgian brand, with Chinese bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou, producing quality care products for athletes looking for that final boost.


King of Grassland sponsor, web: http://www.compressport.ch/


IMURAYA- Japan imported energy supply food