Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Friday, Dec 04th

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Focus on Athlete: Feng Kuanjie

Feng Kuanjie is one of the most famous cyclists in China. With the firm belief that only working harder than others can make one's dream come true, he has won many major domestic races, both onroad and offroad. At GKF, however, the Team Triace ace has always found someone a tiny bit faster than himself. Feng Kuanjie finished second overall three times, and third once, but as our Q&A reveals, he stays pretty cool about that.


Chain Reaction Cycles joins Genghis Khan Festival

Chain Reaction, the world's biggest online retail store for biking, running and triathlon products, has joined the 2013 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Marathon as official event sponsor. Nordic Ways is very happy and proud that the globally-known brand has decided to support one of our annual key events and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.


Focus on Athlete: Yun Yan Qiao, winner of the 2012 Grassland Marathon

Yun Yan Qiao was the class of the field in the 2012 Grassland Marathon as he led nearly the entire race. Nobody was able to follow the fast pace set by the young man, who originally hails from the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, but is now living and working in Beijing. Yun Yan Qiao is a true thoroughbred: running is his passion, his life. Here's a short Q&A with last year's champion.


GKF welcomes three new Chinese running stars

The project entitled  “GKF Running Star” this year turned out to be a great success. Four Chinese running ambassadors, followed by some 40 fans of theirs, took part in the 2012 Grassland Marathon, and spoke highly of the event. “I was impressed by the stunning view, and felt extremely relaxed and happy running on the grassland. It is definitely an unforgettable memory!” One of the running stars told us.


Focus on Athlete: Altansuckh Altanzul

His razorsharp sprint victory on the first day of the 2012 MTB Adventure was movie material. The rest of the weekend he defended his overall lead and returned to Ulanbaatar looking good in yellow. Mature and completely in charge. Earlier this month he did the same on the roadbike in the Tour of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi. At the age of 20. Altansuckh Altanzul entered the Chinese amateur cycling scene by storm this year. The big question on everyone's lips: who is this guy?


Focus on Athlete: Erich Felbabel

Living and working in Hong Kong, Frenchman Erich Felbabel was an imposing figure in this year's Genghis Khan MTB Adventure. Tall, unrelenting and with the physique of a Greek statue, the Chiru-WTB ace put pressure on the Mongolians and the Triace boys all weekend to finish third overall. Not bad for a triathlete in only his second MTB event! Reason enough for a short Q&A with Erich Felbabel.


Focus on Athlete: Sarah Edson, winner of the 2012 Grassland Marathon

For a lot of people in China's running scene it was a pleasure to see the young Shanghai-based Briton Sarah Edson emerge victorious in the Grassland Marathon last summer. Forever enthusiastic, the 26-year old young woman has developed into a strong endurance runner over the years and become an inspiration for many fellow expats who have picked up the sport. What's more, as co-race director of a ultra running event in Kenya, Edson is actively engaged in raising funds to support secondary education for local Masaai girls in the African country. Reason enough for a brief Q&A.



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