Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

Thursday, Dec 03rd

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KOG Kids

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Event information

KOG kids is a subproject of GFK,In summer, parents and children can spend a happy holiday on the prairie。

GKF is a series of three events consisting of mountain bike and marathon. The race was held in xiwuqi, Inner Mongolia in the summer vacation of August, and is the only multi-day comprehensive endurance race held on grassland in China.

Event date

Aug. 10-11



The venue for the Genghis Khan Festival is Xiwuqi 西乌旗 (Short for Xiwuzhumuqin Qi 西乌珠穆沁旗), a small town about 140 km from Xilinhaote锡林浩特 in the more northern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. See Google Maps. It is an area where the majority of people are still ethnic Mongolian, and you will see the unique traditional Mongolian script everywhere.


(parents or guardians must participate in the race with kids)

Aug. 10th, 11km Hiking, Registration fee: CNY 300

Aug. 11st, 15km MTB Adventure, Registration fee: CNY 300

KOG Kids includes the 2 races above. Registration fee: CNY 500



1. Kids who finish the Hiking race can get a Grassland Marathon finish medal and certificate.

2. Kids who finish the MTB race can get a MTB finish medal and certificate.

3. Kids who finish both the Hiking and MTB race can get a KOG finish medal and certificate.

4. Only electricity time keeping and results for kids, no result ranking. When finishing the race, you can take photos in front of the honor wall.