King of the Grasslands



As increasingly more people take part in both the running and mountainbiking races at the Genghis Khan Festival, the King of the Grasslands (KOG) competition was formally introduced to the schedule in 2013 and with great response. Over 30 athletes attempted the incredible feat of finishing the 3 long distance stages of the MTB competition as well as the 42.5k long Grassland Marathon running. In 2014, the number more than doubled already with 78 participants, and in 2015 there were almost 150 participants andin 2016 there were almost 180 participants in the competition. It remains a true test-of-strength, however, as the DNF rate remains high.

Prizemoney King of the Grasslands 2019

KOG Overall
Place Men Women
1 4000 4000
2 3000 2000
3 2000 1000
4 1000
5 700
6 400